UAE ExecutesWater Plants with Up To date Solar Technologies in East Sudan

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum: The United Arab Emirates has executed developmental projects in west Kassala locality in the field of water and established four pumps with a storage capacitiesof nearly 400 cubic meters from which some 20 thousands citizens will benefit.
The United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Sudaninaugurated four drinking water plants in the regions of Barakat ,Abu Talha ,Al Alameya and Dirihish in the locality of west Kassala with a storage capacities ranging from 15-16 cubic meters for supplying water to nearly 150 thousand persons at a cost of nearly 644 Thousand Dollars executed by Wayira Group and they operates by solar power.
The UAE ambassador accompanied by Kassala Governor Adam Jamaa and the executive senior officials have inspected the water plants which are being executed by Wayira Group with the most up to date equipment and systems in the field of drinking water
UAE Ambassador Hamad Al Gineibi pledged that the UAE will contribute in development projects in the rural areas of west Kassala like water , education and health.
He affirmed while addressing a mass rally in Dirihish region that the UAE is keen and pride itself of cooperating with Sudan and going ahead with supporting basic services .

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