Agricultural Sector to Support the National Economy, Eila Says

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum- Dr. Mohamed Tahir Eila, governor of Gezira state declared that Gezira scheme the unpreceded high productivity of different crops during the recent agricultural seasons is more than all crops in the Golden era of Gezira scheme. This came when addressing the inauguration of the agricultural week at the sideline of Gezira Festival for tourism and marketing on Friday 1st February 2019 in Medani.
Eila appreciated the pioneer role of the agricultural sector in supporting and developing the national economy, in addition to development of Gezira state and mobilizing the industrial sector, besides providing direct and indirect job opportunities for the youth and graduates. He added it will contribute in overcoming the current economic difficulties and realizing food security. Governor of Gezira state affirmed that the agricultural week represent Gezira state concern with the agricultural sector.
He disclosed that many symposiums, seminars will organize beside scientific and researches will present during the agricultural week to solve agricultural issues in the fields of finance, investment, partnerships, using of the modern technologies. He welcomed the partnerships with companies, investors and the initiatives to increase product and productivity.
On his part AlHindi Al Rayeh , minister of product and economic resources , head of the committee of the agricultural week , explained that the agricultural week expressed Gezira state concern with the agricultural sector and to reflect the importance of state as the center of Gezira Scheme , pointed to the capability of Gezira in filling the food gap and to overcome the current economic difficulties , and to realize self-sufficiency .
He pointed to that this season witnessed cultivation of 360, 000 feddan to satisfy 40% of the country need. He appreciated the role of the companies and commercial houses and committees supported the success of organizing the agricultural week. He described this week as an opportunity for the farmers in Gezira to stand on the most develop technologies in agriculture industry including technologies and the mechanisms.

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