Sudan Liberation Party Welcomes Opening of Sudanese-Eritrean Borders


Khartoum- Sudan Liberation Party in Khartoum State has welcomed the decision by the Presidency on opening the borders with neighboring Eritrea.
The political secretary of the party, Mohamed Hussein Isehag, said in a statement to SUNA it is a brave decision that affirms keenness of Sudan on enhancing and consolidating its relations with the neighboring countries for facilitating movements of the peoples of these countries.
Isehag praised keenness by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir, on creating relations of good neighborliness with all countries besides his decision of extending the cease-fire to avail opportunity to the armed movements to reconsider their position as war is not a means for solving the issues of the country.
He called on all the Sudanese people inside and outside the country to rally around the higher interests of the homeland, especially as it witnesses a stage that requires collaboration of efforts to surpass the economic crisis affecting the people.

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