Supreme Council of Environment Marks International Wet Lands Day

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – The second of February is the anniversary of the international day of wet lands marking the date of endorsement of the wet land agreement on February 2 /1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar.
The said agreement is one of the oldest environmental agreements which is the sole agreement on a specified environmental system whereby the agreement focuses on preserving the environment and the rational use of wet land which represents the habitat of water birds and enhances bio-diversity while it represents a sources of food, energy and water and it works on reducing the risks of floods, continual renewal of underground water , blocking the sedimentary and toxic materials
The environment has a special feature as it is a part of the cultural and human heritage as one of the sources of aesthetic sources.
Sudan accession to the agreement was in the year 2004 while its accession was officially announced in the year 2005
As the agreement binds the signatory countries to specify at least one site to be enlisted in the sites of international significance, Sudan enlisted Ed Dinidir Conservatory national site in the year 2005 . the regions of Dinginab gulf and Sawakin gulf in the year 2009

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