Agriculture is the Pillar of the National Economy

Agriculture in Sudan is the main source to revive the national economy, Sudan was in past has depended on this activity, according to providing water for irrigation, and the presence of fertile soil for agriculture, all this made Sudan has become an agricultural country in the first place. Sudan has vast agricultural land valid for agricultural activity, and free from national contraindication, the most important of lands found in Gezira and Rahad schemes, and other schemes depend on irrigation by pumps, besides lands depend on rain as we find them in Gedarif plains, Blue Nile and White Nile states.
There are lands valid for agriculture in Darfur region, South Kordufan, North Kordufan and North state. The geographical distribution of agricultural lands if these lands find interest from the government no doubt Sudan will be World food basket in general and Arab and African World in particular.
Sudan has a diverse climate helping to produce cash crops, which feed the public treasury in hard currency, such as cotton that represents the real oil because cotton played a great role in attracting hard currency when the country has interested in its production in Gezira Scheme, the giant scheme was known for everybody within the country and out, especially the cotton of Gezira which constitutes a backbone for the national economy in that time this besides cultivating of wheat and Sudanese groundnuts, the cash crops so easy for farmers to grow them in all parts of the country.
The state should take care of this activity if it wants to revive the economy in a short time because all its components are available don’t need foreign investment, this is a responsible of the Sudan’s government in the first place. It is better for the government that to exert a great efforts in agricultural activity and to be under its care. If the state cares, about agriculture, it will achieve the goal end and providing food for people in African and Arab arena and the then enable to renew the reviving of the national economy.
Agricultural activity in Sudan considered the main source for developing the national economy and the Sudanese state has known that ,but this activity does not find care from the government but it concentrated on oil instead of agriculture knowing that oil production is short and all metals are depleted other than agriculture it is renewable and increasing production and productivity.
We have components of agriculture so our responsibility would care of it and we requested to exert efforts in order to achieve the goal end. And from this starting point the suitable time is coming that to work hand-in-hand and roll up the cranks to cultivate all the lands focusing on strategic crops through which the government can attracting the hard currency, and reviving our national currency. Farmer in Sudan has a vast experience in agricultural field and enable to that to exert a great efforts to increasing production and productivity if he finds support from the government as long as all elements of agricultural activity are available.

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)


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