Al Bashir Inaugurates Exports Road Bara-Omdurman

Al Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has affirmed that the Exports Road Bara-Omdurman had been a dream until recently, announcing linking the road with the Western Nile Highway to Port Sudan.
Al Bashir added in his address to a mass rally at Bara area yesterday (Sunday) that when the Governor of North Kordofan State, Ahmed Haroun, had been speaking on the implementation of the road people had thought it was a mere talk for political consumption because people had failed to implement it earlier, saying that the road project has been accomplished now despite the economic difficulties in the country.
He said that Chad and Central Africa Republic would use Port Sudan harbor, saying that the Exports Road would be linked with the Western Nile Road till Port Sudan.
Al Bashir pointed out that the road shorten the distance between Khartoum and Al Obeid town, capital of North Kordofan, by half, indicating that the road also links Darfur states.
President Al Bashir pledged return of Customs Department to Hamrat Al Shiekh area to boost the economic movement, saying that North Kordofan is the center of Sudan and its economic activity.
President Al Bashir referred to achievements that have been realized in North Kordofan in the fields of water and health services, pledging that more services will be provided in all localities and rural areas of the state.
Governor of North Kordofan State Ahmed Haroun, on his part, said the Exports Road has been constructed at the best standards with pure Sudanese hands, pointing out that the state is pressing ahead, despite difficulties and that surpassing crises is imminent.
He called for preservation of the homeland and the faithful leadership, praising the support extended by Ministries of Transport and Finance for accomplishing the Exports Road.

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