Campaign for Environmental Hygiene at Damazin Hospital

Walid Ali Adam

Damazin- Damazin Hospital is one of the biggest health facilities in Blue Nile State that provide medical services to all citizens, especially to those coming from other localities, reflecting in high rate of visits to the hospital and increase of administrative and technical burdens.
The hospital has recently witnessed implementation of the communal initiative for environmental hygiene with the participation of NGOs, women, youth and student sectors and the regular forces as all participants in the initiative, which was supervised by Minister of Health and Social Development in the state Dr. Adam Mohamed Al Amin, incarnated a beautiful communal picture titled (Health for All and by All).
The campaign included cleaning up of emergency and wards complexes of the hospital using modern cleaning equipment provided at the initiative of Awab Services Company as the People Defense Forces undertook cleaning of children wards.
The communal campaign also included cleaning of the outer yard of the hospital and planting gardens in the ground of the hospital.
Dr. Al Amin explained that the environmental hygiene campaign was initiated by the Ministry of Health and Social Development with the participation of the NGOs operating in the state, the various sectors of the community and the regular forces besides employees working in the health and social development sectors, affirming the stability of the health situation in the state.
Director General of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Dr. Al Tayeb Al Hassan, on his part, said Damazin Hospital receives 70% of patients, pointing out that the campaign is considered as a real addition that is conducive for boosting health services.

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