Health Insurance for Police Personnel and their Families in B. Nile State

Walid Ali Adam

Damazin- Minister of Health and Social Development in Blue Nile State Dr. Adam Mohamed Al Amin has launched the project for bringing police personnel of the state and their family members under the umbrella of health insurance in the presence of members of the joint national committee.
The launching of the project was signaled by handing over of the first health insurance card to Acting Director of Blue Nile State Police Brig. Al Khair Omer Hamid, in the presence of the delegation of the National Fund for Health Insurance in the state.
Meanwhile, a workshop on comprehensive health insurance coverage for police forces and their families in Blue Nile State was held under the slogan of integrative efforts for comprehensive health insurance coverage, with the participation of the federal delegation.
Addressing the workshop, Dr. Adam said the partnership which has been concluded between police and the health insurance fund aims at indigenization of the medical services for the benefit of the police personnel and members of their families.
Deputy Director of Blue Nile State Police Brig. Al Khair Omer Hamid, on his part, lauded the great role of the health insurance, noting that the partnership represents a quality shift in providing health services.

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