Tourism Investment

Mohamed Abdalla

How to generate revenue is number one issue in business and fiancé world, the ancient times, economists say “economic factors” based on four main pillars, the capital, work, land and organization, but the world of today, everything has changed, only two factors dominate the economic scene, technology and ideas.
The term investment has two parts, national and international, the international one concerns with foreign companies, but here in this article I want spotlight on “Domestic” investment particularly investment in “History” such type of business requires good ideas and thoughts, hundreds of historical projects can be used as a tourism tool to support the public treasury.
The Ministry of Tourism didn’t plan to invest in “History” for instance, the “House of Al Khalifa Abdalla in Omdurman, the House of Ali Dinar in El Fashir, the Historical sites in East Sudan and others like the stories of military coups in Sudan beside the republican palace, all these things can contribute to generate regular income to the Ministry of Finance.
May you ask how can we change History into business, it is very simple, we need to qualify all the Historical sites to valid for receiving tourists from Sudan and outside, in Omdurman, the Ministry should have to construct restaurants, stores and other facilities, tourists who want to listen to the story of Al Khalifa, must pay to get information about his life, his governance how he was killed, the story must presented by Historians and experts who manage to draw the attention of the tourists and make them eager to know more.
Also we have an attractive military coup stories, young people are ready to listen to the adventures, they can pay for that, How did Abood come to power, how Nimieri become president, so the political history of Sudan is full of stories that motivate young people visit such sites.
If we used up minds we can make a good business, the Ministry of Tourism also can make a political “Museum” the government can generate billions of SDGs and millions of US$.
This is the only one example, Sudan is full of different resources and stories, but how can Sudan operate investment projects to change our idea is the challenge, the second point related to technology and data investment, everything connected to technology to provide better services and good quality, the economy and investment moved from offline to online business, online trade, education societies… using up ideas and knowledge can accelerate our business movement and led to better revenue.

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