Will the Conference of Production and Productivity Increases Production in States?

Najat Ahmed

Since the independence in 1956, Sudan has witnessed a number of changes and plans to develop the agricultural sector, but unfortunately all those plans didn’t realized the aspirations and met the requirements of sustainable production and productivity. Many factors and reasons contributed to that, among them, political instability, inconvenient economic environment and regional and international circumstances.
The contribution of agriculture to Sudan export is so high it represents 90%, also 34% of Sudan GDP comes from agricultural products, the major active sector to Sudan economy is agriculture, it creates 80% of job opportunities and pushes the whole economic movement in the country.
Agricultural experts appealed to the government to give more support to agriculture and to avail big volume of balance in the budget, because it leads the process of progress and renaissance. It is clear that agriculture plays a crucial role in Sudan economy, also it offers jobs to broad population and contributes to improve livelihood of the majority of citizens, the participants have drawn attention to the challenges that face agricultural sector, such as the lack of modern equipments and tools alongside the changes of environment and the increasing of population which affected the volume of the fertilized lands by solving the dwelling problems.
Orders to fund production and productivity
Under the slogan “modern agriculture to increase production and productivity” to achieve the goals of “food security” and to enhance exports, the conference has closed its sessions after two days of full discussion among the ministers of production and economic resources at states levels. The prime minister, Mutaz Mosa has vowed to support agricultural sector, pointed out that “lack of fund” is unjustifiable reason to bad agricultural performance, he demanded for early preparation to both autumn and winter seasons, the government has shorten the fund of imports, while it announced full support to exports, through encouraging wheat prices, 50% was added, also the prime minister disclosed that the new price of cotton will be announced within upcoming two weeks “our focusing will be on the traditional and rain-fed agriculture through agricultural extension and soil improvement” said Mutaz.
Vows and Warnings
A new areas will be cultivated in Darfur, Blue Nile and East Sudan, beside the intensification of works of the big projects were the key future plans of the government, also the prime minister pointed to the importance of the infrastructure to facilitate the mission of production and productivity, so building of roads, bridges , stock markets and marketing mechanisms to meet the international measures and values are the main area we focus on.
Financially Mutaz pledged to provide the Sudan Agricultural Bank with adequate finance, he acknowledged that economic sanctions, lack of plans and political instability were hindered the agricultural development, he stated that 10% of budget allocated to agriculture in order to realize 6% as a growth rate of the local production. The conference appealed to establishment of bodies to run agricultural issues.
High Production
The minister of Agriculture and Forests, Hasab Al Nabi Mosa has assured the importance of the conference, says its importance comes from the topics it discussed, adding “we want move agricultural sector from livelihood objectives to business and industrial goals, to achieve instability, food security employments. He revealed a good plan to modernize agriculture in Sudan by setting proper policies and legislations that enable the qualified cadres to lead the economic renaissance, Sudan has a plenty of water must be exploited to expand the cultivated lands of oil seeds, wheat.
While the undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests Omar Mustafa assured that the leadership of the Ministry has strong will to create a big development agriculturally and to coordinate with the stakeholders at federal and state levels to increase the production which expected to reach to 5 million Tons and to expand the cultivated winter season to be 700 Feddans.
The Importance of the Conference
The minister of has confirmed the necessity of the conference, particularly it discusses the issues related to agriculture and challenges and opportunities to improve the agricultural

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