NISS Forms High Level Committee to Investigate Death of Teacher Ahmed Al Kheir Awadalkarim

Al Smani Awadalla

Khartoum: The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) has issued a statement on the circumstances of death of teacher Ahmed Al Kheir Awadalkarim who died in Khasm Alquirba after his arrest by NISS.
The statement said that following Friday prayers a dinner meal was brought from prominent restaurant and a number of the arrested citizens and the affiliates of NISS had dinner and two officers and three of the arrested felt some stomach disturbance ( symptoms of poisoning ) whereby by they used some mitigating capsules and then they moved to Kassala where the conditions of the late teacher worsened ( stomach colic , diarrhea , vomiting and low blood pressure a matter that required rushing him to Kassala hospital where he passed away.
The statement affirmed that the treatment doctor of casualties at Kassala hospital have affirmed that by examining the body found all the organs are perfect particularly the head and the stomach and chest abdomens, the back and the pelvic and there are external bruises on the back
The statement said NISS notified the family of the late teacher and his brother and uncle came while the official and security agencies at the state were notified and the body was transferred to Kassala morgue for the autopsy and due to the lack of autopsy specialist in Kassala the body was taken to Gedarif Hospital in the presence of his relatives accompanied by the General Manager of the Ministry of Health where the report came identical to the report of Kassla casualties in terms of the safety of organs.
The statement affirmed that three samples were taken for the intestine and sent to the forensic evidence for testing and their result have not appeared yet . an investigation committee was formed in the state chaired by the higher prosecutor at the State whereby it immediately started work and questioned all the concerned of the affiliates of NISS and took the testimonies of the representatives of the family and we are now awaiting the results of the investigation which we will handle by honesty , responsibility and justice,
The statement affirmed that NISS has formed an investigation committee chaired by a Lt. General for investigating the case and it assumed its work
The statement said NISS as an official national organization well known will remain doing its tasks with professionalism and commitment to the law which shall prevail and govern all the moves of the members of NISS.
It outlined that NISS is known for its coherence, firmness , seriousness and discipline in doing its tasks far away from breaching the law and the Sudanese norms in place
In the rare cases in which irregularties occur NISS didn’t and will not hastate in holding accountable the breaching member without leniency or professional fanaticism.
The statement called all to be vigilant and aware in maintaining the security of the country and its stability and be positive in responding to the calls of objective dialogue far away from adverse fueling stressing that NISS will remain loyal to the national principles on which its tower is based and will continue its role for surmounting the economic crises in the framework of the general system of the state.

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