Prime Minister : Youths Demands Will Be Heart-felt and Accorded Attention and Patience

Zuleikha Abdulraziq

Khartoum: Prime Minister Mutaz Musa has described youths protests as a respected youths voice and the state is looking into the legitimate demands of the youths adding that there are youths who have ideas and demands regardless of cases of spinning out of control and the demands of the youths will be heart-felt and handled with patience.
Mousa warned against submitting to the social media and follow what it they cast of hatred between the government and the people affirming that this matter have deep effects and disastrous risks that will lead to the annihilation of the state
He said the view point of the government can not be correct hundred percent and likewise is the protester affirming their adherence to the elections and controlling it adding that we have no ceiling of transparence in controlling the election operation

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