The Government Allocates 7,100 Million SDGs to Support Youth

Mohamed Abdalla

The government of Sudan has allocated 7,100 million SDGs to train youth and to fund productive projects, the minister of the cabinet, Ahmed Saad Omar assured on Sunday that government is pledged to implement the idea of offering job opportunities to the youth, while he was addressing a training course, he said “the government implemented 1440 projects” in collaboration with the Zakat Chamber and the National Union of the Youth to target nearly 160 thousand young people.
The State minister of Social Welfare and Development Ahmed Mohamed Karrar has praised the role of Zakat Chamber in curbing poverty throughout the country by providing productive projects, also he appreciated the efforts achieved by the National Union of Youth, appealing to future partnership between the youth body and the institutes working in vocational and qualification training to enhance development and progress.
On his part, the General Director of Zakat chamber Dr. Mohamed Abdal Raziq affirmed that the allocated development rate will be increased from 20% to 30% to meet youth required projects, he disclosed that Zakat Chamber will fund all youth project due to the micro finance system adopted by the Central Bank of Sudan CBoS, also he went out to say “the Zakat Chamber will support youth to overcome challenges.
The Zakat Chamber together with the University of Sudan have coordinated to prepare feasibilities according to the variety of States and projects “we fund all the young people fairly” while the president of Sudan National Union of Youth Mahmoud wad Ahmed stated that youth stability is a key objective, he told reporters that his Union facilitate the mission of marriages among young people “our plan is created 25 thousand jobs, and to fund 100 thousand projects alongside facilitating marriag to 100 thousand young male and female.
The director of Youth Stability Projects Mohamed Mukhir Al Tahir assured that poverty alleviation covered the whole country to stabilize youth and enable them to be productive.

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