The Minister of Industry Appreciates the Efforts of the International Gum Arabic Conference Committee

khalda Elyas

The Minister of Industry and Trade Mosa Mohamed Karama has affirmed that the technical committees of the International Gum Arabic Conference has completed its preparation.
The conference expected to be convened in April, the minister stated to media that regional and international countries will participate in the upcoming conference, the conference is under the auspices of the United Nations’ Conference for Trade and Development.
The participants are the countries the produce Gum Arabic, companies who do business on Gum Arabic and the manufactured companies, the minister said that Sudan has a comparative advantages to host the conference adding Sudan produce 85% of the international production.
“the ministry is very keen to develop Gum Arabic Products via scientific researches that aimed at increasing production and tackling environmental issues” said Karama who noted to social, economic and environmental dimensions of the conference which will focus on curbing poverty, also he figured out Sudan Gum Arabic potential.

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