Zakat Chamber Offers Small Enterprises for Young People

Sudan Vision

Within the framework of the partnership with civil society organizations, the Zakat Chamber ZC and the Youth Employment Program Department launched the Youth Employment Initiative, which included 1440 small enterprises at a cost of 7,100,000 SDG. The small enterprises include blacksmith workshops, building equipment, painting tools, mechanics and sewing workshops. In addition, the Zakat Chamber also has funded youth training programs at a cost of 500,000 SDG.
The ceremony, which was held on the occasion of the handover of the small enterprises at Zakat Chamber HQ, was addressed by Mahmoud Wad Ahmed, President of the National Union of Youth, who appreciated the role of the ZC in supporting all youth programs. The ZC Trustee – General Dr. Muhammad Abdul Raziq, confirmed that the ZC helps all Sudanese youth. “ the Supreme Council of Zakat allocated 30% of the revenues of the ZC to finance productive projects of all kinds” he said . The Minister of State at the Ministry of Social Security and Development, Ahmad Muhammad Sulaiman also addressed the celebration. He affirmed the ministry’s support for the youth sector and it is launching several programs to serve this purpose. Prince Ahmad Saad Omar, Minister of the Council of Ministers, praised the role of the ZC in combating poverty through individual and collective programs. Moreover in providing assistance to students at all levels of education, as well as contributing to the provision of clean drinking water in addition to the program of medical insurance for the poor people .

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