EU Affirms Support to Animal Resources Sector in Sudan

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum- European Union (EU) Ambassador to Sudan Jean-Michel Dumond has affirmed that supporting animal resources, which is considered important for the Sudanese economy, is given priority by the EU and that the Third Epidemic Survey Project, which is implemented by the veterinary experts and specialists contributes to increasing production and exports.
The EU Ambassador, addressing inaugural session of the workshop on the veterinary epidemic survey project at Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum yesterday, said the first and second projects made during the period 2007-2018 targeted supporting livestock trade and exports and increasing income of small producers and herdsmen in the eastern and Kordofan states besides dealing with the issues of climate change.
He called for effecting sustainable system for controlling transnational animal diseases.
Director of Animal Resources Marketing Program Dr. Nadir Hamdan, on his part, affirmed the importance of the project for supporting small producers and herdsmen, which is financed by the EU by nine million Euros and implemented by IFAD, the Marketing Program and the Ministry of Animal Resources.
He pointed out that the animal resources sector contributes greatly to the economic development in the country.
The IFAD Country Director, Ahmed Jabir Sobahi, on his part, affirmed that the workshop paves the way for fruitful cooperation among the partners of EU, IFAD, Animal Resources Marketing Program and the Ministry of Animal Resources, commending EU for funding the project.

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