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Did every woman asked herself why she circumcised her daughter?  Some said  yes  because it is one of their traditions and customs  , and the others  said they aware of dangers if they circumcised their daughters  and they  think it is enough to do so . Some women said that their circumcision as a traumatic and painful experience “I was the most painful experience of their life”. Other women have no memory of the procedure. We have to stop this practice, circumcised women need clinicians familiar with these surgeries, who will move beyond negative feelings they may have about the practice.
In Sudan according to the multi-indicators cluster survey for 2014, FGM prevalence reached 86.6% with variations in the percentage among states. Percentage of the cut girls from 0-14 is 31.5%, and the medicalization rate is 76%.
Despite its high prevalence in many settings and the health consequences associated with it, many health care providers receive little or no pre-service or in-service training on how to prevent and manage the complications of FGM. Yet there is a daily need to deal with the consequences in the health care settings.  In response to this gap in knowledge and skills, WHO has developed new clinical tools, including clinical guidelines.
However, active engagement with countries is critical in introducing the tools and supporting countries to strengthen health systems,  build capacity of the nurses, midwives and doctors, and introduce the guidelines into the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) package provided at the primary health care services level.
World  Health Organization( WHO ) revealed  that  data are available from population based surveys carried out in 30 countries  , the countries with the highest prevalence of FGM are in Western , Eastern, and North-east there are eight countries with national prevalence rates of FGM of 80% or higher among Women aged( 15-49 ) including Sudan (88%).
Campaigns were conducted by NCCW and its partners targeted broad sectors of the society to encourage the families and communities to leave their daughters Saleema (uncut, sound and healthy) as created by God to emphasize the responsibility of everyone for the protection of girls. If everyone commits to not circumcised their daughters, the families and the societies will not did so, our girls will be healthy during their family life
The National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) commended the role played by media, drama and artist in raising awareness and informing society about the dangers of harmful traditions and practices. Sudan adopted an inclusive vision for sustainable Development gender justice with the International community, and the year 2020 has been set to support the elimination of harmful habits such as Female Genital Mutilation The Government reassures the strong political commitment at the highest level of leadership of the country towards sexual and reproductive health issues especially FGM,

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