MPs Meet Prosecutor General on Demonstrations Events

Mohammed Babikir

Khartoum:: A meeting was held at the general prosecution venue between the Prosecutor General his honor Omer and the members of justice , legislation , human rights and Security and Defense committee at the National Assembly on the recent events Sudan has gone through.
Present in the meeting was the first assistant of the prosecutor general.
The meeting affirmed the independence the general prosecution from the Executive and the Legislature and its competence solely of conducting criminal investigation and all the pre-prosecution procedures
the meeting stressed non-intervention of the legislative authority or the Executive under anty title in the progress of the investigations or intervening in its actions a well as implementing all orders and directives issued by the public prosecution in this regards
the prosecutor general notified the committee about the role undertaken by the general prosecution on loss of life and public funds and the directives issued on them as well as handling the events and the measures that must be heeded.

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