UN Global Compact Official: Sustainable Development Principles could Resolve Sudanese Economic Crisis

Najat Ahmed – Shadia Basheri

Khartoum : The Coordinator of  Strategic Planning , Partnerships and Communications unit  at UNDP Sudan,  Ms. Anisha Thapa, has affirmed that the Sudanese economic crisis can be solved via the principles of sustainable development and standing on Sudan’s side via the said organization.
She hailed in her speech in the workshop of companies, integrating the principles and the targets of sustainable development Sudan’s implementation of these principles and adhering to them.
She called for the need for creating partnerships between the private sector and the other related agencies, encouraging positive work in Sudan and attraction of support stressing that the support will enhance productivity and societal responsibility.
She went on to say that Sudan is in need of sustainable development and we in turn will be committed to the support noting that the workshop is an opportunity for establishing partnerships stressing that partnership is a key element of commercial work and it is imperative to raise the capacities , support the citizens and lay own strategies.
Meanwhile the Secretary General of the National Council of Population Dr. Limyaa Abdulghafar said the participation of the council in the companies workshop came in a very dire time at the time when Sudan is hindered by economic constraints calling for synchronizing efforts between the private and the public sector for surmounting the economic crises .
For his part the secretary general of Businessmen and Employers Federation employers union Amin Abas said the private sector continued to play a crucial role for pushing forward sustainable development issues, realizing stability for communities and supporting the vulnerable segments of the community.

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