Al Bashir Emphasizes the Importance of Media, Calls for Responsible Journalism, Directs Cancelation of Fees on Press Inputs

The President Directs Release all Political Detainees, Reveals Formation of a Committee to Prepare for Constitution-making Process


Khartoum – President of the Republic , Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir received at the Guest House last night all media outlets officials, including newspapers, TV channels, radio broadcasting stations and prominent media figures in the presence of Minister of Information, Communication and Technical Information, Bushara Juma’a Aror and the State Minister at the Ministry.
The meeting came in response to the President initiative by the Chairman of the Sudanese Journalists Union, Al-Sadiq Al-Rizaigi to sit with the media outlets to discuss all national issues in transparency.
At the beginning of the gathering, Chairman of the Sudanese Journalists Union lauded the President’s initiative to meet with the media outlets leaders to discuss their issues and the national issues openly.
Al-Reziagi enumerated the concerns of the media outlets on behalf of the journalists which are summarized by calling for more press freedoms, reconsidering the pre-printing censorship , the cancellation of the levies imposed on press industry inputs, and allowing the suspended TV correspondents to resume their activities.
Several prominent media outlets were given the opportunity to express their views during which Al Bashir was writing the points to comment on, after which Al-Riziagi introduced the President to address the gathering.
Al Bashir started by emphasizing the importance of the media, affirming that such meetings could set an opinion roadmap for the journalists, adding that there is no absolute press freedom.
“The word has its influence which could be dangerous, so all of us should commit to the code of ethics” Al Bashir said.
Al Bashir commented on the recent protests subjecting it to the economical situation in the recent days, adding that the government did a lot since 1989 despite the challenges it faced during all that period, admitting that overcoming the challenges is a difficult task but not impossible.
He analyzed the motives that made the youngsters take to the streets simplifying that with their aspiration for better living conditions instead of the current deterioration of economy.
“ There are very bad articles in the Public Order Law and should be removed, and the application of the articles was wrong, so I directed to review it” Al Bashir said.
On the dialogue with the opposition, Al Bashir said that the government will continue dialogue will all opposition parties and armed groups to reach common grounds towards national accord.
On the political arena and the power-share, Al Bashir said that the power-share was according to the outputs of the national dialogue recommendations, affirming.
Al Bashir called for responsible journalism armed by high qualifications and capabilities. He directed the cancellation of the levies imposed on press inputs, proposing the merger of some of the newspapers.
He said that he has directed the NISS Director to release all the political detainees, besides directing allowing the suspended TV correspondents to resume their activities.
Al Bashir criticized the performance of the National Press Council and called for restructuring it to serve its mandate as a governing body.
He directed the universities to provide training courses to the journalists to upgrade their capabilities.
In conclusion of the open debate Al Bashir revealed the formation of a committee to prepare for constitution-making process.
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