An Open Scenario

The last time I climbed the top of ”rakuba” ,a straw shelter I was 10 years old. I wanted to bring down my grandmother’s shoes that missed the target as she threw in my direction. When I tried to a wake her, she thought I was a thief trying to steal her lovely ring.. She a apologized with a kiss of love and exploded into laughter. One evening, a tempest had torn the plastic roof of “Rakuba”. With every gust of wind, it moans from neglect because of poverty. How often I imagined as bound human with a lost sanity while being indifferent to him. How distressing. We have two “Ghuttia” huts tangibly on the verge of collapse. Their cracks give refuge to lizards, mice, reveal the light of false dawn, leak raindrops and beam of lightening that cause a slight of cold and fear. These two huts amaze me with their resilience and how they resisted violent winds and didn’t fall as the first victims of 12 autumn storms. How many nights I woke terrified feeling as if they were going to drop their weak, tired and ageing skeletons to rest on the pillows shouting wake up! There is enough sleep in the grave. I wake up to pray and there is a relapse in a contemplative state about the flimsy huts. One morning, I removed the dust from the roof of thatch. Isn’t it clean now? I asked my mother. “No” she replied. I will wash with soap! I said. She laughed. She told me a story of an elder poor man and how he threatened to set fire on his hut. He was excluded from help because his hut a lone remained intact while other houses were burnt. After entreaties, he changed his mind with the promise of being assisted with people affected by the fire accident. The idea of fire incident kept me worried especially after writing about the visit of president to Kassala. What If…………? Yes, If rioters burnt our two huts as a reaction to what they assume as pro-government stance. My mother who describes my compulsion to write as satanic would angrily shout ” useless boy! Have not I warned you of writing about politics? You may say I’m exaggerating. But, my fear is rational as the Chinese saying goes ” In the bog, everything stinks!”

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