EROB; the Dream Becomes A Reality

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

By now, the impossible becomes possible. The long aspired for dream, has become a genuine reality. It is the newly inaugurated Exports’ Road of Omdurman -Bara (EROB).
Many entities are noticed as very concerned to talk about EROB. To begin with, the minister of infrastructures and physical development-North Kordofan, Ismail Hassan Mekki, said that EROB will support the Nafeer-collective works that closely relate to production and productivity.
The manager of Zadna company- Kordofan sector, Khalid Al A’arabi, said that and because of the much support they have received from the North Kordofan state, they managed to accomplish the road even before stated date in the contract-before one year and a half.
The director of the national corporation for roads and bridges-Kordofan’s branch, Engineer ‘Asim Ali Hassan Ahmed, said that the contribution of the community and the tight coordination between the federal and state governments makes EROB as a dream to truly get fulfilled.
Wagdi Meirghani, the head of the exports’ chamber, said that EROB will contribute in the alleviation of costs of exports, adding that it is to help in connecting the productive states of Darfur and Kordofan with the ports.
The deputy Nazir for the all the Kababeesh home, Musa Jami’ Ali Al Toum, said that they were the true beneficiaries from EROB,’ because it shortens the distance and makes travel very convenient’, explaining that in past times in order to reach Omdurman they needed 12 hours, ‘but now 3 are needed’.
He went on to praise both the Kordofan state and the company that executes EROB for the great efforts exerted by them to achieve the project even before the scheduled time.
The deputy Nazir (head) for the all the Kababeesh home, said that the locals have given up their properties, territories, houses, farms, etc. for the sake of the construction of the road.
Driver of truck (ZS), Ghurashi Abdul Al Rasoul, said that EROB saves two gasoline barrels per each travel.
Nasir Al Fadil, also driver of a truck, said that besides the saving of fuel, EROB reduces the consumption of spare parts.
Mohamed Ali Babikir, owner of a cafeteria, said that before they suffered to send their patients to the far away hospitals. ‘ But now EROB solves this problem by making life much convenient’.
And Ibrahim Al Tahir, owner of a restaurant, talked positively about EROB by saying this; ‘now the traffic is noticed as flowing throughout the day and night and the number of the passing by vehicles per day do exceed 300’.

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