North Kordofan Initiates Rehabilitation of 1 million Acres of Gum Arabic Belt

Zulikha Abdel Raziq

Workshop on Gum Arabic products in States was organized to discuss the feasibility of promoting the products via modern technique to increase the volume of production. The workshop aimed at linking production areas to the markets and to provide funds to Gum Arabic producers.
The participants recommended to encourage Gum Arabic Production Societies and enhancing the legislations and regulation to protect forests.
The director general of the Forests in North Kordofan Mohamadin Babiker stated that 12 million acres is allocated for Gum Arabic, he also reported that a technical committee was formed to improve Gum Arabic plantation.
Babiker revealed that North Kordofan plans to cultivate 7 million acres in the near future.
On his part, the coordinator of the Gum Arabic Belt Masawod Mohamed said, the project started in 2016 and it was the most significant sustainable development projects in State “the committee has chosen two localities in the first phase to expand the cultivated lands in Shikan and Um Dum haj Ahmed” added Mohamed who disclosed that 43 thousand tons is production volume of Gum Arabic this year.
The governor of the North Kordofan State Ahmed Haron confirmed the Gum Arabic Belt is strategic project in the state to increase income and to improve livelihood. While the director general of national Forests’ Corporation Mohamed Ali Al Hadi announced that 1 million acre is the target to cover the whole country in order to curb poverty.

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