Popular Congress Party: We Will Not Leave the Government’s Ship Sinking

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Khartoum – Member of the leadership Council of the Popular Congress Party (PCP), Deputy Chairman of the States Council, Mohamed Al-Amin Khalifa stressed the adherence of his party to the national dialogue and maintain the unity of the country and the government of the national reconciliation, saying, “ We will not let the ship sink because if it sinks, we will all sink”.
In a meeting of political and community forces organized by his party in the city of Al-Fula in Western Kordofan State, Khalifa said that his party has formed a permanent room to follow up the situations in the country, indicating that the developments in the events have made the party move in all the states, pointing out that his party is the founder of the Salvation, stressing preserving the unity of the country.
He said that his party is seeking to move the country to permanent constitutional legitimacy so that Sudan will be the best countries in politics, economy and culture, adding, “It is the duty of everyone to work to get the country out of this crisis,”.
He said that his party was unable to overthrow the regime by force, despite its alliance with a number of other political forces and some armed movements, so he turned to give way to the peaceful transfer of power and to take the dialogue as method. He explained that the national dialogue has developed a clear roadmap for anyone who wants to rule Sudan in the future, saying that they will continue efforts for the full implementation of the outcomes of the dialogue and the establishment of the Supreme Peace Council to discuss issues of peace, native administration, Abyei issue, the two areas, the process of weapons collection and negotiating with the other side.

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