State Minister at Ministry of Petroleum: Minerals Capable of Closing Balance of Trade Deficit

Shadia Basahri

Khartoum: State Minister at the Ministry of Petroleum , Gas and Minerals Lt, Gen Police Awad Alnil Daheya has affirmed the ability of the minerals sector to close the balance of trade deficit and exiting the country from the current economic crisis.
he said while addressing the celebration of the harvest of the Public Authority for Geological Resources yesterday that the sector has scientists , experts and geologists youths and it is capable of producing quantities of gold that can close the gap of the national budget ,
He hailed in this regards the youths who executed the missions searching , exploring and mapping in the deserts , jungle and valleys describing their role as patriotic , professional and ethical.
he also commended the studies and the scientific researches conducted by the scientists and geologists congratulating the employees of the Geological Authority for the achievement accomplished in the year 2018 describing the issuance of 333 license of mineral exploration as a good indicator through whic the Authority can provide the national economy with hard currency.

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