Sudan, Egypt Plan To Maximize Trade Volume to $2 billion

Egyptian Foreign Affairs

The Egyptian-Sudanese trade relations witnessed a remarkable growth in the recent years, particularly in light of the membership of the two brotherly countries in the major Arab Free Trade Area and COMESA. The Egyptian and Sudanese sides depend on the opening of Qustul / Occhett border crossing to contribute in increasing the volume of trade to reach the anticipated level of the nature of bilateral relations from $ 850 million in 2013 to $ 2 billion annually.
Thus, the volume of joint investments between Egypt and Sudan is also expected to increase as a result of efforts aiming at facilitating the procedures of transport and shipping of goods and services  and preparing good studies and developed legislation to develop the methods of cargo between the two countries, so as to overcome the obstacles and problems facing the movement of trucks and especially in terms of its stay on the Egyptian or Sudanese land.
-The number of Egyptian projects in Sudan during the period 2000 – 2013 was about 229 projects with a capital source amounted to about 10.8 US billion dollars, concentrated in the industrial, agricultural and service sectors.
The Sudanese investments amounted; during the period 2000- 2013 in Egypt about 97 US million dollars represented in 315 invested Sudanese companies concentrated in the industrial, financial, service, agricultural, construction, tourism and communications sectors.
The main Egyptian exports to Sudan is represented in iron, aluminum, plastics, furniture and food commodities, petroleum products, medicines and copper manufactures; the main Egyptian imports from Sudan is represented in sheep, meat, cereals, bean, oilseeds and cotton.?
The Egyptian and Sudanese sides are coordinating for the completion of projects of electrical connection that would enable Egypt and Sudan to exchange electric energy during the different peak times in the two countries.

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