Sudan, Kenya Study Tea Quality and Validitys

Shadia Basheri

Kenyan Embassy, Sudan Standards and Metrology Organization SSMO and Kofti Company have organized a reception ceremony to Kenyan and Sudanese businessmen working in Tea Trade.
The participants in the ceremony have been briefed by the SSMO on the study conducted by SSMO to determine the validity of Kenyan tea, the, this came during the participation of the Kenyan businessmen in the Khartoum International Fair NO 36, the Kenyan participated companies are working in the field of tea, cultivating, harvesting and manufacturing alongside transporting and packaging.
SSMO deputy director general Zakaria Mohamed Suliman, has revealed that SSMO was among the delegation authorized to conduct study on the Kenyan tea validity period to three years, started from 2019,.
The agreement was signed with those who exercising trade in tea products, the parts of the agreement were, businessmen, farmers, and all those who dealing with tea trade.
The study focused on Sudan atmosphere relevance to Kenyan tea, Suliman also explained that a Sudanese delegation paid visit to Mombasa port to experience Kenyan tea international trade exchange.
SSMO official stated that tea samples were stored in both Khartoum and Port Sudan to examine the items “the result is excellent” said Suliman who informed that only one year remained to submit the final reports.
The agreement between SSMO and KSMO based on three main elements, experience exchange, labeling the products and checking the validity.
On his part, the Kenyan ambassador to Khartoum Abrown Suge has welcomed the participants and praised the strong trade relations between the two countries, also he hailed the role of both private and public sectors in boosting the ties “Sudan is the third largest tea importer since earlier time” said the ambassador.
Abrown has emphasized the importance of the “study” which will prolong the validity and improve the quality, he expressed his gratitude to meet importers and exporters of tea in Khartoum.
The head of Kenyan delegation Thvta Mwangi said, for the first time to participate in Khartoum International Fair, despite our working in exporting tea for along time, we are here because of the invitation by the Kenyan ambassador to Khartoum, he affirmed that Kenya will import some products from Sudan like Gum Arabic and Sesame.
It is to be noted that Kenya is a key tea producer in the world, 23% of the world production is from Kenya, tea represents 70% of Kenyan expo and 24% of its GDP and offers two-third of the job opportunities.

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