Wanasi Foundation Celebrates The World Cancer Day

Abdulmoniem A.M. Ismail

The Salah Wanasi Foundation for Cancer Research has organized the World Cancer Day Feb.4th 2019. The Foundation celebrates the Day every year to promote cancer awareness and to urge the state , NGOs to involve in the process of tackling cancer disease .
Dr. Suad Al – Karib, the Minister of State at Ministry of Health, valued the Foundation’s efforts in the field of spreading awareness and research related to cancer and pledged to provide all cancer drugs free of charge. “ The Tobacco Law is before the National Assembly “She said . “ No doubt tobacco causes types of cancer “ she added.
” The foundation committed itself to be a pioneer in the field of combating cancer in Sudan and in working with relevant institutions to promote cancer research “ said Dr. Salah al-Da’ak, CEO of Wanasi Foundation .” “The celebration of the World Cancer Day is part of these great efforts on the ground through many activities and programs that focus on the rural areas “ he added.
” The cancer is a global issue and according to the World Health Organization report , cancer led to the death of 9 million people in the world and in Sudan, hospitals receive about 13 thousand cases during the year” he pointed out. He also announced the formation of a network of Sudanese NGOs to tackle cancer.
” The celebration of World Cancer Day comes within the framework of collective and individual responsibility to contribute to cancer awareness” said Dr. Naima Al-Qaseer, the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Sudan.” one third of cases of cancer can be cured in the event of early visit to the doctor” she stressed .
The representative of the Humanitarian Aid Commission HAC Dr. Muhammad Al-Sinari welcomed the formation of the Sudanese Network for Cancer Awareness, stressing that HAC stands with national organizations and provides all possible support to them.
Dr. Kamal Hamad, a cancer consultant has delivered a paper on the reality of cancer in Sudan . “the wrong behavior of people, notably tobacco consumption of various types and also the delay in visiting the doctor are the major issues “ he mentioned and he warned to look for cancer treatment outside the medical field.
“ The treatment of cancer by chemical doses is considered global despite the side effects that accompany” pointed out Dr. Zaher Yassin in his comment of Dr. Kamal Hamad paper.
“ The community awareness of early detection of breast cancer , is needed” called Dr Aida Hussein Consultant of breast surgery
“ The Breast Cancer Reference Center at the Academic Hospital in Khartoum will be opened this month” said Dr. Salah al-Da’ak, CEO of Wanasi Foundation. “The hospital is equipped with modern equipment and is expected to contribute to reducing breast cancer cases “ he added .
It is worth mentioning that the World Cancer Day was endorsed by the World Health Organization in collaboration with the International Union for Combating Cancer in 2005 to encourage health ministries, NGOs, and individuals around the world to fight cancer.

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