Arab Parliament President: It is Time to Lift Sudan’s Name from Terrorism List

Mohamed Babikir

Khartoum – The President of the Arab Parliament, Dr. Meshaal Bin Fahm Al-Salami said that it is time to lift the name of Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism and to lift the suffering of the government and the people of Sudan, so that Sudan can develop its economy and build partnerships and trade exchanges with Arab and foreign countries and to continue its development programs in the fields of education, health and infrastructure, addressing the problems of unemployment and poverty and improving the economic and living conditions of the Sudanese people.
In his speech before the Arab Parliament in hearing session on the Sudan held yesterday at the headquarters of the Arab League, Al-Salami called on the heads of parliaments and Arab parliamentary delegations to sign a statement of solidarity with the Republic of Sudan, which will be issued at the end of the session.
He said that the Arab Parliament holds this meeting in appreciation and support for the Sudan and its people, and to support the just demand of the Republic of Sudan to lift its name from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.
”Recognizing that the Sudan and its people have suffered for twenty-six years from negative effects that have led to severe challenges and difficulties at the governmental and public levels, especially in the economic and developmental aspects, where these negative effects have reached the level of prejudice to the livelihood of Sudanese citizens, so the Arab Parliament prepared a legal memorandum, in cooperation and coordination with the National Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan, which included all aspects of the issue, where the memorandum concluded that the Republic of Sudan has implemented the entire five tracks plan agreed upon with the United States of America on combating terrorism, peace in the State of South Sudan, the promotion of human rights, the provision of humanitarian assistance and the handling of situations in conflict zones and areas in need in the Sudan, where what was achieved by Sudan in this regard was appreciated regionally and internationally.

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