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The individual business and family monthly or daily revenue is a key pillar in the whole economic system, we know that livelihood and prices of the basic commodities rank the top priorities of people in Sudan, families face critical economic challenges, there is no balance between the income and expenditure, people spend more than earn.
People divided into three categories, public workers, I mean by public workers those who serve in government institutes, and private workers, those who work in private sectors, while the third group includes those who earn daily wages, in 1970s the era of Sudan best economic period, people prefer joining government staffs, because their life was so better, no room for private sectors to recruit workers, but today everything has changed, many people were resigned from the public service to look for better life in income in private sectors, the only category who managed to overcome the livelihood difficulties is the category of the daily income.
The monthly income of government staffs is 3000 Sudanese pounds, the daily expenditure is 300 SDGs per a day which means 9000 SDGs is the volume of the monthly expenditure of a household, so the deficit of family budget is 6000 SDGs, this fact is include the large number of population, I do believe, there is a few number of people don’t worry about the prices, they work in private sectors or those who receive salaries in US$. But the majority of people live below the poverty line, their income less than $ 1.5.
The current situation created a new fact, many officials do more than one job, they go to office during the work day, then they do additional jobs, most of them become taxi drivers.
Everyone generate daily income can bear the burden of economic pressures, they don’t save money, but they able to fund the daily requirements, the prices was increasing dramatically, unless you have daily earn, you can’t respond to the family daily demand, the public services has been paralyzed.
How to restore Sudan brilliant economic glary is a question without answer, so the answer costs time and efforts, to put Sudan economy on the right track.

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