I Witness: The Social Media Doesn’t Topple Regimes

It is the right of any person to express his or her opinion in any case, that case being political, social or economic. But it is not the right of that person to insist that his or her opinion should be accepted or implemented. Things don’t go like that. In other words those who don’t accept the rule or let us say that opinion of the majority, they have to believe that the majority is not ready to accept the opinion of the minority. This will lead to chaos. The protests that took place in some Sudanese cities is a good example of what I want to explain here. The minority that has a “loud voice” took to the streets in very limited numbers and demanded the “dismantling” of a “solid and strong” regime! Not only that but they believed that the “social media” could be an “appropriate tool” to do that job. These people are very naïve and “simple minded”. They are not only “poor and shallow dreamers”, but they are poor in understanding the nature of things. Things don’t go that way. In other words things are not that simple.
You have the right to demand the toppling of a regime, for any reasons, any motives, but you don’t expect that regime to simply “GO HOME” and abandon the chairs for you, especially when you are not ready to assume the power after the “toppled regime”! The President of the republic Omar Hassan Al-Bashir said that the social media doesn’t topple regimes. He was of course speaking about his regime. More obviously he was giving a lesson to those protesters who want to topple a “thirty-year old regime” by the social media or by “remote control”! The President said that the “What’s Up” and the Facebook don’t topple regimes. But it is very important to direct the attention to an important point that the President made clear. This is not the first time the President says it. He always does. He doesn’t, he didn’t say at any time that his regime would not go. Any regime would go. Any President would go. No one is immortal. No regime is immortal. Only Allah, the Al-Mighty is immortal. Al-Bashir simply says that the regime could be changed only through the “ballot boxes”. It is a very simple “process”. Prepare your ranks for (2020) elections, win those elections and assume power! It is very simple, isn’t it?

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness Email: zumma1888@gmail.com

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