Khartoum Governor: Industrial Sector Can Solve Economic Problems

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – The Governor of Khartoum, Lieutenant General (Police) Hashim Osman Al-Hussein said that the industrial sector can, through its revenues, solve the country’s economic problems.
During his inspection visit to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Khartoum State yesterday, the governor stressed the focus on small industries for their contribution in bringing foreign currencies, calling for activating them with the available funding to achieve the desired economic objectives, directing ministries, localities and councils in Khartoum state to integrate and unite efforts to serve the state, indicating to the importance of integrating efforts with investors in the new industrial cities to reduce obstacles, stressing the need to determine the rate of return of the state of any investment project before proceeding with its procedures.
For his part, Minister of Industry and Trade of the State of Khartoum, Jaafar Ahmed Abdullah, revealed the Ministry’s initiation of the implementation of three new industrial cities that will contribute to increase government revenues and development and produce goods for the purpose of export, pointing out that the Ministry of Industry is considered the support of the integrated economy system by up to 70%, pointing out that the new industrial cities aim to achieve food security in the state and to attract local and foreign investors as they provide the basic infrastructure for any investment and alleviate the unemployment rate in the society by providing thousands of jobs.

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