No For Labeling Protesting Youths as Traitors, Says NCP

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum- National Congress Party Deputy President of the Political Sector, Mohamed Al Mustafa Al Daw has stressed not labeling as agents and traitors the youths protesting
the economic conditions the country is going through.
He said the youths are the sons of Sudan and its strategic storage and asset directing the leadership of the party to conduct a serious dialogue with them.
Mohamed Almustafa added while addressing the conference of grassroots build up Al Haj Yousif region said the youths who are protesting and demonstrating are belonging to a generation raised up in the era of the salvation government and lived in era of sufficiency and free from the economic and political crises and the slogan of the downfall of the government they are holding high they are not aware that it will transform Sudan to a destroyed homeland whose citizens will transform into refugees like many other countries.
he said the preceding generations are well aware that the looming crises are less by far from what the Sudanese citizens were suffering from before the salvation era noting that the state has laid down solutions to the crises of liquidity, bread and fuel and they have now started to clear up and the state has set out in laying down lasting strategic solutions for the economic crises so that the country may not be exposed to these crises in the future.

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