Thanks to Allah: Underdevelopment Causes Crisis

HOW worry to discover that most of AFRICA crises emanated from its illiteracy, which impact in misunderstanding between people, that lead to disputes, quarrels, hence wars, this what happens actually, when folks through their narrow minds ,get misuse of their resources imagining that they are doing well, on contrary they are acting badly ,the question which poses its self here ,how can we rescue our nation from this deep well of negligence?
BESIDE this slow conception of matters, there are some categories’ from Africans themselves who get benefit from this dark situation, who make money from lighting fires between tribes, then commit things that lead to more flames to hit others one’s, such persons are much nowadays ,but they are wearing the same garment of Africans ,to disappear their dirty tasks, in the same time they guide people to act things against the law, to give them legitimate in demanding rights that are not belonging to them ,unfortunately they know how to deceive those simple people, simplicity is badly taken by those gangs, people needs are employed to serve special agenda, in he same way it serve personal interests, I don’t  know why such minds aren’t jealous to do good for their homes, all patriotisms in the world when they come the area of their land they specifically  every thing they have for the sake of their homes ,why not us Africans are the exceptional of this theories, even those when they go abroad they see and feel how other specially EUROPEANS are working day and night for the best of their countries, why you don’t try to imitate them! Why you don’t try even to be better than them? Do you thing that when you betray your own country they will respect you? NO thousands know, now at the moment you get your reward later they will deny you!
REALITIES found confirm this, countries deniers are always scorned, hated by every free person, shame on you, those who sell their country stability against handful money, history will never ever forget your coward stances.
I  ALWAYS ask myself, Do those people who make demonstrations ask themselves what are the quarantines that secure the success of this movement? IN other words, DO they make sure that no penetrates will stealth to their lines?
Witnesses proved that SUDAN demonstration are badly utilized by looters and thefts, to the degree that make the humble person rethink that, this move is just for taking other people belongings in the day light! Such wise thought pushed the prudent persons to keep away from the demonstrators, on the other hand it naked the demonstrators seize , they are few, just hand full of narrow sided people who only look at their feet not far away , to take the other things that are surely going to accompany the chaos.
HARD situations are always stations to reflect realities to others, where you are standing? Who are your faithful fellows? ARE you still having the same aroma as ever? WHAT are the reasons which pushed people to take to the streets? WHY we don’t have long plans for our strategic stocks as other states do to face such crisis?
AM regret to say that we are still far behind most of other countries, majority have passed such situations of matters, now are looking for entertainment to their people, and we still running after lots of breads? Policy makers must have the ability to figure out reality plans to solve daily life things, otherwise we all will not be satisfied of them?
TODAYS world is open,through television you can see and feel how others are organizing themselves, how they put things together to come out with beautiful results for their countries, how they develop their small things to be bigger,  nations are build within love to it, you, me, others are the components of this society, if we don’t put hand on hand ,uniting our aims, feel brothers and sisters we will not be able to drive on our ship together over this troubled waves.
Looking at the developed countries ,you see they solve their issues through dialogue, most of their differences are solved throw this channels, nothing act out of this circle, in the the hall they say what they see is right to be done, frankly they settle differences, nothing remain behind for tomorrow, because it may come with its things, during the discussion they are lawyers, when finished they are friends, they respect views, even if they are reject each other they do this civilize way of respect, this why they dominate others by prudent ,and this explain why our youths are risking their lives to be part of this communities.
I BELIEVE that our community is still in dire need for more and more doses in how to scarify for his country, now still among us majority thing colonization has gone early! it must have stayed longer, to teach us how to rule our country , HOW to behave well to gain other respect, what to do to develop your selves, EVEN those who have got high degrees in science are looking down others as if they have come to the moon and others from forests!
SENSE of patriotism is no longer found in some people acts, if not why they don’t report to the police about those who sabotaging ,looting, destroying, why some are hosting enemies inside their houses, why some are telling lies about their country to others, if you really care about your home why do you give away to saboteurs? Wake up please, the security grace you have today tomorrow you will lose it, the chances which are available today for progress are much, but how can we overcome challenges to march ahead. SOME times quarrels are good to discover others, live never goes smooth all through out, we need to stop, to clean our rows, searching each other, to dig deep in the ground to know what is hidden in it?
BITTER to confess that we always, when we want t give examples, we take the west as  excellent one for us, they have have really got the ideal one for all, good planning, organizing in everything that concern their communities, from the very beginning of environment till the government construction, every one knows his role well, memorizing it from the heart, this why their kids grow up in complete growing between home and school,  and in between . WE highly salute their way of ordering their live, the thing that oblige other to follow suit.
TO SUM UP MY SPEECH ,we are not angels, in the same time we are not devils, we wish every good to our nation ,and to every human being walking, creeping, flying, or swimming, we  want all to enjoy their life, why not they are created by ALLAH to have it, so cooperating between all to let life circulation move  on is nature law, otherwise our planet will loose part of it wings, actually this will lead to the fallen of our plane, as a result we all will loose, then no winner.

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Thanks to Allah
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed Thanks to Allah Email:

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