AOAD Provides US$ 34 Billion for Food Security

Shadia Basheri

The Director General of the Arabic Organization for Agricultural Development AOAD , Prof. Ibrahim Adam Al Dekhiri has praised the efforts exerted by the private sector to achieve the goals of the AOAD in terms of food security, food safety, entrepreneurship and capacity building.
This came while he was briefing the members of Federation Chambers of Agriculture and Animal Production on FCAAP “Sudan International Conference for Food Safety” scheduled to convened in April, the conference is under the slogan “Towards Safe and Sustainable Food” .
Al Dekhiri said, agriculture and animal production sector is a key element in the conference, also he pointed to the significance of the AOAD which is considered one of the Arab common work, to realize the strategic goals.
He assured that AOAD is able to fill Arab food shortage gap, it is to be noted that Arab countries spend US$ 34 billion for food, he also urged the private sectors to consider the regional and international standards in order to create a conducive competitive environment . the parts of the conference are Sudan government, Sudan Society for Food Safety Emirate branch, UNIDO and Arabic Program for Food Safety.
The objectives of the conference is to cooperate and coordinate with the institutions working in the field of the food safety at local, regional and international, also it aims at promoting the monitoring system alongside enhancing the capacity building and to raise awareness among those who concern with food safety, in terms of legislations, the conference is to set good regulations to address the international standards.
Al Dekhiri expected a number of agreements and protocols will be signed with the participated companies and businessmen and to declare Khartoum communiqué for food safety in Sudan and in the region as well.
While the president of the Federation Chambers of Agriculture and Animal Production Hashim Ali Mohamed has appreciated the initiatives and efforts of AOAD to realize the aspiration of Arab nations in term of food security, he pointed to the harmonization of goals between AOAD and FCAAP.

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