Chadian Opposition Armed Groups and SLM-MM Attack on Khalifa Haftar

Sudan Vision

Khartoum – on 1st February, 2019 a Chadian opposition armed group supported by Misrata revolutionary, JEM armed with 170 vehicles attacked SLM-MM backed Khalifa Hafter army during their move from Sabha to Um Al Araneb area.
The battle resulted to the loss of 9 vehicles, and several heavy weapons from the Chadian opposition, while SLM/MM armed group lost 2 armored vehicles, five deaths and 5 injuries.
Meanwhile, SLM/MM, managed to pull out 20 vehicles from the battlefield.
It is expected that the clashes resume within the upcoming days.
It is worth noting that the Chadian opposition armed group managed to ambush SLM/MM troops and destroyed 2 vehicles to be added to the previous defeat of SLM/MM troops in its clashes with Qura’an communities and the opposition armed group in Kori mine.
Khalifa Haftar supported by the Darfur armed groups wants to control all the southern part of Libya in coordination with the Chadian government.
JEM and Chadian opposition armed groups are involved in the clashes against SLM/MM and SLA which support Haftar.
The Darfur armed groups continued its involvement in the clashes between the parties to the conflict of Libya support against money (they support the party that pays more)
In that past JEM and SLA/AW troops were fighting in favour of Hafat but due the failure of the latter to pay those troops their dues, they moved to support the groups that fight against him.

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