Feel It: Happy National Child Day

The National Council for Child Welfare, is working hard and  concern for the issues of Children of Sudan , especially the National Comprehensive National Strategy for Children 2018-2030.
The strategy calls for the outcomes of the national and community dialogue, the government’s program of reconciliation and the reform of the state. The strategy aims to identify national priorities and help in coordination  between government institutions and society  organizations.
The strategy focuses on harvesting the fruits of previous efforts, especially in the fields of education and health, to expand horizontal coverage and improve the vertical level, and review the plan’s principles, which include the focal points of childhood issues, care, support and development .
Federal Health Ministry is always stressed the importance of early detection of children to avoid diseases affecting children and to adhere to the routine vaccination programme at centres and hospitals  and  pledged to intensify efforts for early detection of children, asking families and mothers to commit themselves to immunize their children and  is ready to cooperate with the Council and the Secretaries of state councils to enforce child laws to protect children.
Sudan is continuing its commitments to children for a safe childhood and  activating all regional and global laws ratified by Sudan and arranging mechanisms for the protection of children in the armed conflict areas.
NCCW, headed by the First Vice-president of the Republic affirmed its commitment to children and called for the mobilization of all groups of society towards protecting children and the launching of the comprehensive National Strategy for children, which would be adopted and approved soon .
Council of the States confirmed their commitment to activate the role of the State councils and promoting communication, followup, progress and enforcement of policies and legislation through the presentation of reports, the development of plans, the development of programmes and the exchange of experiences and experiences in accordance with the National Children’s. Happy Children day ,every one should to defend and promote children,s rights to build a better world for children .
Street children still have the right to an education, yet school systems do not accommodate this highly vulnerable group. Street children are routinely denied the opportunity to grow and develop through education, due to a variety of barriers .Most of them  are unable to attend school simply because they have to work to support themselves. The few street children who do go to school are regularly absent and achieve poor learning outcomes due to having a lack of time to study. Street children often struggle with low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and a sense of worthlessness and shame.The stigma of being on the streets makes it difficult for children to integrate into education and with their peers.Teachers have not had adequate training to deal with such sensitive issues as vulnerable children, inclusive education, and child protection.Due to the negative labeling of street children, there is poor awareness amongst communities of the need to support the reintegration and education of these children.
They need to be able to access school. Education can make living on the streets a temporary experience instead of a lifelong sentence. In order for street children to be able to go to school, these children need a supportive and flexible environment where they are made to feel like valuable pupils, not criminal vagrants.
The endorsement ceremony of knowledge, Attitude and Practice ( KAP) Study Findings on Child Recruitment and Use in Armed Conflicts in Sudan launched by NCCW in collaboration with UNICEF is a great step towards protecting our children  and    to Prevent them  from Recruitment and Use in Armed Conflicts in Sudan. We have to  raise awareness and correcting perceptions about the recruitment and use of children in armed conflicts .This  study is  part of the Convention signed between the Government of the Sudan and the United Nations to prevent the recruitment of children.
The overall goal of the campaign to ensure  the realization  of the rights  of Children to protection  by preventing /ending the Recruitment and use of Children in Armed conflict .
The expected behavioral results that parents , families and Children have the knowledge and skills to prevent Recruitment and Association of Children with armed forces and groups .Families  of vulnerable Children and communities  are empowered to report cases of Recruitment and Association of Children with armed forces and groups and know of the released Children

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