Sudan Exports 3000 Tons of Marble to Chinas

Shadia Basheri

The Geological Research Corporation GRC is expected to export 3000 tons of marble to China, said the Director General of GRC Mohamed Abu Fatima who explained that Kassala State, Chinese company and the ministry of Mining were partners in this project.
He also revealed that some national companies has played crucial role among them is GIAD company which is planned to exploit the agricultural mining to provide US$ 600 million to import fertilizers “there is partnership with the Ministry of Oil to offer US$ 120 million for drilling fluids every three years” added Abu Fatima.
In the same context, the ministry of Oil is to exploit both Chrome and Manganese to generate nearly US$ 500 million. Abu Fatima disclosed that no longer importing Cement from abroad due to the transformative industries in the country which totaled to 40 types of minerals such as Caroline and White Sands.
“Sudan has 2 billion tons of White Sands reserve” continued Abu Fatima who informed that River Nile State and North Kordofan were endowed with White Sands, the estimated value of the White Sands is US$ 2 trillion, he stated that Black Sands in the Red Sea Coast will be exploited this year by both private and public partnership.
Abu Fatima announced starting of exploring Uranium reserves in Sudan in collaboration with the Ministry of Irrigation and Electricity to generate Nuclear Power “We trained Cadres to benefit from Chinese experience in this field” concluded Abu Fatima.

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