World Bank Affirms the Continuity of Support for Sustainable Development Projects in Sudan

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – State Minister of the National Council for Environment, Abboud Jaber met with the World Bank mission headed by Chairman of the Working Group in Washington, where the meeting discussed various areas of environment, especially projects of sustainable management of national resources.
Jaber said that the meeting comes within the framework of the Council’s responsibility to preserve the environment and attract external support from international donors, especially international cooperation projects that achieve the goals of sustainable development, indicating that they also discussed the arrangements of the third phase of the project of natural resources management after the end of the first phase and the second one, noting that the third phase will include the states of Khartoum and Gadarif as well as areas affected by climate change, stressing that the National Council for the Environment has a clear vision in dealing with environmental issues in Sudan to protect natural resources due to its impact on the lives of citizens.
For his part, the Chairman of the work mission in Washington stressed the continuity of the World Bank’s support for the project through the implementation of the third phase.
The project coordinator, Ibrahim Al-Bashir stressed the success of the project during its first and second phases, which included a number of states affected by climate change, praising the efforts exerted by the World Bank in preserving natural resources in Sudan.

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