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The first to use this terminology, French philosopher (1755 – 1836 Destutt Tracy) in his book (the elements of ideological) means Tracy ideology science ideas, the science that studies the validity or wrong ideas held by people, these ideas that build their theories and hypotheses that fit with the operations Substances of members of society. and spread the use of this term so that it does not mean the science of ideas, but the intellectual and emotional destruction that reflects the attitude of people around the world, society and rights. has been applied to this term in particular on the ideas and emotions and political attitudes that are the basis for political action and the basis for implementation and legitimacy.
Ideological and political ideology that is committed to and abide by the politicians, intellectuals, politicians, to a large degree to affect the words and their political behavior and determine the framework of their relationship with political groups and other elements. And political ideologies, which provides the classes and the various elements in society are always in conflict with each other or are reformist or revolutionary method, which aims to change the reality and the circumstances of the community. But all ideologies are similar in one thing namely, style and nature of the emotional dynamics of the minds of the masses.
Reflect the general ideological ideas of science cannot substantive proof of the reality and legitimacy but the strength of these ideas emerge from the emotional tone and tactics of the masses and the engine that is appropriate for a social event, which aimed to do.
When talking about the stability of ideological intellectual before the variables history and reality conundrum in mind two images, adopt the first idea that survival is the ultimate share of ideology stronger in terms of political power and influence in the movement of the global economy and the most compliant to the wishes and aspirations of its citizens legitimate one hand, and the more open the ideologies of variability in assets and branches on the other. According to this scenario shows the Western system at the top of the list of ideologies Intellectual most resilient in the face of the variables present historical and most capable of smelting ideologies World Intellectual Micro framework for cultural or control and to avoid potential risks to change the style and rhythm of life has because of the holdings of these ideology of political and economic forces are the strongest in the world, and the glitter of cultural fine is the most brightest and equipped to the minds of a broad spectrum of public opinion in the world.
The picture, which lies at the heart of advanced image cut off that golden age of ideologies of intellectual narrow and with the financial means simple has become a part of the past who does not tempt many people to return to him, was quoted by the annals of history that the ideologies of extremist when they succeed in leading the country, the first thing that comes in the minds of the rebels was the manufacture of dictatorial regimes not only master the more work the bombing of disputes and wars create excuses to meet alleged ideology.
The development of this last image in the context of testing the revolutionary realism leads us to refute the claims of political rivals efforts to delude the target audience that is different from them other third parties is a break with the ideological parent, especially with the continuation of the schism within the ideology of many births, which assures us, including leaves no room for doubt absence of an intellectual and one reference between the political leaders in a country radically different from third world countries.
It may be a sense of advanced societies the death of traditional intellectual ideologies by collectors from across the political history of mankind is called upon to strive hard towards mainstreaming the concepts of democracy, human rights and building civil society and non-advocates of rival ideologies.
In other words, the relationship between openness to the life of civil society by extremist ideology, even in countries majority of the other is an inverse relationship as that of social relations will look more harmonious in comparison with the communities is still a sense that has as we have called the death of ideology, a sense of weak and therefore these communities are still vulnerable the disintegration of the social tissue of experience with each new political dissent; as a concept that the split in the less developed societies and modern defamation calls between opponents and thus among the masses of traders who is in the liabilities of civilized societies is a manifestation of freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution and approved by the political system.
The lines developed does not mean underestimating the ideologies of intellectual in countries that did not belong to countries that the Western system, there are a lot of ideologies in parts of the other land is available has a lot of attractions and intellectual forces soft and provides owners and residents on the management theory of accumulation of civilization and respect the will of the nations that led, or seeking to lead in this generation or future generations.

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