Call for Accomplishing Sudanese leather Value strategy


Khartoum – “Encouragement to improve value strategy of  Sudanese leather  and carry it out via ministries of Animal wealth and Industry in cooperating with the Private sector”  , announced by   general director of the National Center for Leather Improvement Dr. Rquia Osman and she  affirmed  to put preamble “ made in Sudan” on the exported  manufactured goods. In Sudan there are about 190  Slaughterhouse in a range  production estimate of 32 million stock of slaughter animals which they are collecting from about 121  agency and store widespread  allover Sudan.
Leather Sector is the Second after meats exporting in providing hard currency and achieving Added Value to the National Economy. In a workshop holed recent on Reality and Future of Leather , Dr. Ruqia said in  her paper that leather classify  according to quality and the kind of leather. Raw leather  divides from First class to 4 class while Tanned leather has 6 categories . Quality of leather defines via  regular shape of leather ,  be free from any  natural, mechanical defaults, or store -damage  and according to conditions of specified standard,  price could determine in markets.
Among total of the  slaughter product , 81%  is the rate of leather  production while Loss is 19%,  or about 6 million piece  while losses in cow’s leather is 100%  due to  ignorance with its necessity and  economic value  Dr. Ruqia said  , adding there  are a lot of  chances to  increase  production and to improve productivity  due to Availability of raw leather  and its  preferential  advantages   in addition of   variety in  kind.
There are Centers  of researches  and Training that relates to industry and production of leather afford to local and international markets beside to adopt Sudanese  high standards to control  management of leather production and laws of organize process of tanned leather. It export either  as raw material of leather or Semi-Tanned leather. Some Slaughterhouses began recently  trade of leather via exporting Tanned leather  to international markets in Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, India  and Nigeria , the  Dr. Ruqia told in her paper  .
Value Strategy of Sudanese Leather contributed largely to upturn Added Value of the Sudanese Products and promote leather industries in addition to  reduce import of leather industries. The Strategy concentrate on providing good raw materials of leather and qualifying and training the labor force in the Sudanese Tanneries, beside importing modern Input of production in this sector to progress the national industry and compete in the international markets.
Experts in leather field called and encouraged to improve  policies of these sector and adopt a matrix of programs and projects to conduct studies  and specialized courses in leather  field   in production areas and to utilize from experiences of some countries  like Ethiopia and Kenya and particularized  organizations as  COMICA and UNIDO  . As well as the strategy pointed to importance of develop these industry to be more  attractive  for investors , so in turn provide more opportunities  of work and  Added value.
The Laws only,  not enough , but  also coordination between all concerned bodies  and attract foreign investment to support the Sudanese Private sector , All that  , is  required  to leather sector the experts said and added campaigns of  awareness to workers in Tanneries  and people  to follow  the  correct methods  of treating with leather  to avoid  damages and provide good quality  of  raw material leather for industry  because Sudan loss a lot because of exporting only tanned leather.
The experts encouraged  Sudanese Private sector to  turn actively toward leather sector  and called governmental concerned bodies to  eliminate obstacles of industry in  leather sector  as reducing fees and taxes. They noted that Khartoum state is the biggest in  consuming meats , so large quantities of leather should be affordable  for leather industry which became  more desired allover the world countries and realize high rate of benifits.
Coming August, Products and Leather Industries Exhibition will organize by Centers of Research and Industries Consolations and participation of local and foreign companies to promote production of leather industries and strengthen the consumer s confidence in `Sudanese local leather industries adjacent connect the Sudanese producers with their counterparts in other states to exchange experiences in the field of leather industry.
Under Secretary of industry ministry Blal Al-mubarak asserted on integration of  roles between all concerned bodies in leather sector and leather products. On his part, member of Leather and Leather Industries Chamber Hashem Hamza said “it is good chance to focus on situations of leather industry and solve problems face the sector to contribute in enhancing the Sudanese economy

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