Silencing the Guns in Sudan this Year, Al Bashir Says

Zuleikha Abdul Razeq

Khartoum – President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir announced that 2019 is the year for peace and a year to silence the voice of gun throughout the whole of Sudan.
Addressing the opening session of the performance and assessment conference of the Popular Defense Forces (PDF) for 2018, Al-Bashir said that the PDF is a jihadist, educational, service, advocacy and social institution that serves the Sudanese people in all fields, stressing that the decision of its formation was successful and right, pointing to the leading role of PDF in achieving and building peace.
He said that its first role was to fight, not to kill people, not to win against the SPLM or the insurgency, but to fight for peace, adding, “Our brothers’ celebration at the other side on our declaration of a permanent ceasefire is proof that there is a strong will for peace, and we catch this opportunity to confirm that the peace process has already been completed, where 2019 will be the year to silence the gun in Sudan forever”.
The President stressed that peace requires many sacrifices, adding, “It is more difficult stage because peace was achieved after the sacrifices of martyrs, blood, lives, displacement and asylum,”, saying that the government’s program would be to enable peace in all areas of operations.
Al-Bashir said that the support battalions are not for fighting but they are educational battalions for maintenance, building schools and bridging gap, health battalions to build therapeutic institutions at various levels, complete health personnel and provide medical, therapeutic and awareness services, it is battalions to build people on religion and morals. He said it is battalions to build people on morals and religion and to transform fighters, IDPs and refugees to productive elements.
”We had talked about the importance of the electronic and technical battalions, today, we want programs to evaluate and mobilize young people to positive action for the country and protect them from external interference and negative influence by using the same social media to build the Sudanese personality and to patch social fabric,” Al-Bashir said.
For its part, the PDF Special Forces submitted to the President of the Republic allegiance document, presented by the Special Forces Coordinator, Abu Bakr Abdullah.

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