Sudan Foundation Discusses High Light Beams Application Project

Mohamed Babiker

The Executive Director of Sudan Foundation, Engineer Mohamed Suliman Judabi has stated that economic and social development issues, water and food security, poverty reduction and training young people besides providing job opportunities were considered as challenges face Sudan.
“Sudan Foundation” has been starting to address those issues since 2015 to build strong future, said Judabi who went out to add that training youth is a key pillar in promoting Sudan, pointed out that the community and the private sectors were considered as a main tools of change, development and production.
This came while he was addressing participants in the workshop organized by “Sudan Foundation” on application of light beams in agricultural sector.
“Sudan Foundation has achieved 86 workshops focused on economic issues” stated Judabi who disclosed a partnership with international organizations will be signed to enhance water and training services.
While the director of the Modern Technology Research Centre Dr. Mawia Yahya Babiker stated that the objective of the light beams project is to apply high light beams to support agriculture, mining and petroleum.
On his part, the director of Planning and Research Studies Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed revealed that focusing on modern technologies contributed to promote agricultural sector during the last decade.

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