Thanks to Allah: Straighten of Live Demands Correct Faith

DON’T try to do something or pretend to act for a think you don’t believe in, values never changes, but people do, suffering come when people leave behind ethics, morals, why majority of world people are poor’s ,although minority are rich, because they don’t  learn from history , that days may change, between day and night, then poor’s of yesterday ,become rich of today, this bitter fact never far .it is not a dream, it is reality which people neglect it’s happening ,for fear of it happens, but this scare never push it away, read history ,you will come out with many and more fact, that may amaze you, but who will try to convince ,rulers this is the lord sentences.
Every organism on the earth, know the important of his life, so he or she care of himself by taking healthy food, pure water, regular check for himself, never try to expose himself to risks such as: quarrels, wars, disease, always running from early morning till late day to have his or her share of living, no surrender to circumstances, especially when you have got kids, or responsibility of other relatives, regardless of other things that may effect in our roles, we all search to have the best of everything, it is the nature of human beings, looking for best in everything.
From this point, we take many remarks; pursuing for living is a worship, which drives every living creature to move actively morning seeking for it, all people from different aspects of life, Muslim or Christian, non-religious also have got the sense of need to saturate it, her all folks are equal they know the importance of necessities, to this end they move, it is something inculcate inside our self to work, to have your needs not to wait others to give you their leftover.
The consensuses round the circle, demonstrate the facts that people where they are differ in : color religion, culture, gaining ,they are one in humanity, what you eat may have differ name in your area , but the target of it is one which living only, likewise the sense of happiness, is the same for all people, it is joy, you express of it may be opposite to mine, but at the end, the feelings are one, considering that your status may be better ,well off appearance is completely differ from the misery ones, there the lights are shinning ,different colors, the place may be a hall, the food may be delivery, people are all  well dressed and smelled, on the other side may be: dim lights, poor food, happy clothes, shunts buildings, the environment is not welcoming for you, but for poor’s may be heaven, surely happiness is a personal sense, materials has nothing to do with it.
Speedy of life, the demand increase, specially for new commodities, which based on readymade, beside the elimination of contentious of the generation of today, those who have grown up among modern devices, and don’t exert efforts to get their needs, the point here is the fact of having things done, the people must ask themselves how things are done? Who gives them the order to be? How things like vegetables come out from the ground? The shapes they take who organize them? The taste of fruits are differ who create them to be with different taste in spite of they are watered by the same water?
In my mind are much questions which need to have answered, not for me only but for the benefit of the reader, I as Muslim I know who create things and the purpose of this creation, it is mention in my holy book Quran, as well Christian they have got the same fact in their Bible, also the torah, then the facts are before us all, why we differ?….Religions are to unite nations not to separate them, making love not to hatred, tolerance, not to grudge, giving not to take, for good not bad, to cure not to cause diseases.
Believing in ALLAH, gives the believer a sense of tranquility nobody else can feel except him, something filling your internal spirit with conviction, happiness, joy, relaxation, then you refer everything happen to you to ALLAH, but in no lean only on him, you have to work, move to get your livelihood, honestly without cheating, what result in not depending on Allah….
Results; anxiousness, immorality, perfidious, wars, fear of the future
Every living organism on earth, believe that there is unseen power which run this universe regularly, nothing disorder occur to disturb the nature of living creatures or nature, what does this mean , it means, ALLAH is the organizer of all the organisms and nature, what is the aim of all these things?
I strongly, announce if the folks all of them, go towards ALLAH, honestly ,nothing bad will happen to the people, why ,because they are going to get rid of selfishness, greedy, jealousness, they are going to love each other, then as a matter of reality, wars are going to stop, people from different tribes, places ,accents, languages, colors ,all are going to embrace each other, warmly, passionately, this what the earth lack today ,do you agree with me, I strongly believe that humanity is going have an attractive climate loved by all people of different .
From other side ,promoting societies stands on structuring solid foundation for education, to this target people work day and night to make sure that their plant will grow well and have fruit in the future, such concern about building communities lead to have wise nation in coming days, years ,then broad future ,round us many countries who took much care of their youth, children ,infants, so they have got mature men, who led their country forward, prudently ,wisely, now they enjoy prosperity time.
We part and parcel of this world, effected by everything happens in it there or here, we as Sudanese not try to follow suite, such behavior make the sense of developing go ahead, progress continually, as a result of this continuality, good results come, what push nation towards renaissance is the leaders urging people to do better things for the sake of their coming generation, going attempts make things easier and delicate to be formulated to the shape the chiefs want.
NOW, there is local, regional and international organizations who take much patronage of such programmers’, the target of this activities is to grow the desire of innovation in the new generation tendency to science help the hesitated people to try to do their best to do something good for their country, beside placing rewards for the best researchers, whoever wins, the government adopt his project, when inventors find full or part care from authorities they reflect the respect they had found in more and more work ,day and night, such nation who put much confidence in their innovators gain full respect from their people, putting in minds that also whoever respect his people whatever his position is ,the people love him, while he is in power or out of it , love comes naturally when the internal feeling respond to the out treatment, round us so many names are known for their sacrifices to their people, their people memorize them ,by writing their efforts in national syllabuses ,placing heir photographs in general places, having them as ideal examples.
EXPERIMENTS, have proved, when you liar, you deeds reveal you, and if you are honest, your statements, deeds confirm you, thus leadership is made through work applying sayings, so scorn people minds, belittling them, no, they remember what you promise to do, or combat, people of today beside social media are tools of facts and reflecting facts as well as cheatings.
SURRENDER to bad status come when results of frustrations repeat one after another, and the spirit of change stops their endeavors of being better, beside find suitable soil of defeated people who yield easily to the first shock, here the existence of boss is a must, due to their role of inculcating e values of loving home, patience on difficulty, hoping in future turns, such leadership is glimmering rays of hopes ,give  under trodden people energy to stand strong before problems ,defying challenges, seeking solutions for their impedes.

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Thanks to Allah
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

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