US$ 758 Million to Construct Third Largest Industrial Zone

Shadia Basheri

The Investment Commission has started to construct the third International Industrial Zone, the area of the Zone is 170 Km2, the cost is US$ 758 million, it locates North Khartoum Bahri, in Aljaili city.
The Director General of the Promotion Department in the Investment Commission Nasir Hashim, has stated exclusively to “Sudan Vision” the objective of the new industrial area is to establish “An Industrial Complex” to include all factories, tanneries and industrial workshops concern with leather industries.
The expected number of “Factories” in the new “Complex” is 5500 “The project will push the economic movement in the country and it provides1150 jobs, the first phase covered 68 Km2” said Nasir.
In the same context, the Director General stated that the project provides basic services, roads, electricity services, sanitations.
The project will develop the local markets by increasing the additional value of the exports which reduce imports, also it avails chance for both local and regional companies to exchange ideas and it links African economic blocks together alongside it will facilitate International Trade missions.

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