AU Reveals Arrangements for Peace and Reconciliation Conference on Libya

Sudan Vision

Khartoum – The African Union has revealed arrangements and consultation to organize a comprehensive conference for peace and reconciliation in Libya.
Meanwhile, the AU affirmed readiness along with the partners to reach an agreement over the reconciliation in Libya imminently within its plan of silencing the guns in Africa by 2020.
African Union Peace and Security Commissioner, Ismail Sharki revealed an initiative to achieve peace and reconciliation in Libya, calling on all parties to support the ongoing efforts to accomplish the peace in Libya, urging support those efforts of peace building to be participated by all the Libyan without exclusion.
For her part, African Union Commissioner for Social Affairs, and AU envoy to Libya, Amira Al-Fadil, revealed a roadmap from the United Nations to be implemented by the AU, adding that it is high time to organize a comprehensive conference to include all the Libyan rivals without exclusion, affirming that all parties are supporting the peaceful process in Libya to overcome its crisis and stopping the foreign intervention in its internal affairs.

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