Sudanese-American Talks to Develop the Banking Sector in Sudan

Khada Elyas

Khartoum – The US embassy’s economic official in Khartoum revealed ongoing talks between US officials and the government of Sudan to create a working group to develop the Sudanese banking sector.
This came during her visit to the Savings and Development Bank branch in Al-Fasher in the context of the program of the visit by the delegation of the US Embassy in Khartoum to Al-Fasher, where she expressed her appreciation for the services provided by the bank and confirmed their readiness to cooperate with the bank for the success of projects that will contribute to the development of the local economy
Director of the Savings and Development Bank branch explained, in his enlightenment to the delegation of the US Embassy, ??that the bank branch means financing poor producers until they reach the stage of entrepreneurship, indicating to the projects financed by the branch.
For his part, Director of the Central Bank of Sudan branch in Al-Fasher, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman said that the objectives of banks in the state is to help citizens to address the effects of the war and reduce unemployment, stressing that the security stability witnessed by the state has reflected positively on the performance of banking in the state and increase branches of banks, praising the visit of the delegation of the US Embassy, expressing his hope that the visit achieves its objectives..

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