Those Claiming : Lack of Freedoms Now Demonstrating Freely Against the Government, Al Bashir

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum: President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir the President of the High Leadership Authority of the Sudanese Islamic Movement said power and governance were never an objective but a mean for building up the community of religion, morals, science and knowledge via focusing on the moral side.
He noted that the salvation government has launched education revolution for liberalizing minds and offering freedoms for becoming free from sectarianism and tribalism asserting that those talking now about freedoms are demonstrating against the government and organizing their press conferences freely.
Al Bashir has called while addressing yesterday the consultative council of the Sudanese Islamic movement in its second convocation session 2018-2023 the members of the movement for a big mobilization in the districts and neighborhood across all the states and localities of Sudan for designing call and purification programs for the youths and the students along with leading initiatives within the community and strengthening unity of rank.
He said the crises and Sudan is going through now are a testing and stations for refinement from which Sudan will exit more strong stressing exerting more efforts noting that throughout the progress of the salvation government has nothing to be ashamed of or hide from and despite the plots against Sudan and the crises facing it but it is not defeated and is continuing development projects.

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