Prime Minister to Inaugurate Financial Stability Forum

Shadia Bashari

Khartoum: Prime Minister Mutaz Mousa is to inaugurate next Tuesday at Corinthia hotel the forum of enhancing financial stability and transformation to electronic payment systems which is to be organized by the Arab Banks Union in collaboration with Bank of Sudan and the Sudanese Banks Union during the period from 19-20 of the current month of February.
The forum aims at assisting Sudan in particular and the Arab countries in general for shifting from conducting transactions in cash to dealing in electronic payments
The importance of the said forum stems from the need for Sudan to surmount the crisis of conducting transactions in cash via finding other alternatives other than dealing in cash . the alternatives are represented in the sales points and payment via mobile telephone and through the electronic purse.
The forum is to shed the light on the mechanisms of boosting financial stability and the challenges facing the international financial system and the importance of coordinating between the financial and monetary policies along with enhancing the role of central banks in realizing financial and economic stability.
Participants in the forum is a big number of bankers from within Sudan and outside Sudan

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