The Civil Service Should Be Reformed

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

The minister of labor, administrative reform and development of human resources, Bahar Idris Abu Garada, said that the reform of the civil service was in need of strict political commitment .
While on a visit to Merawi yesterday, he addressed a sector workshop for the North in which he emphasized that the reform process should start from bottom levels up to the top ones, indicating that they at the ministry had started to listen to the different states before the holding of the central workshop at Khartoum.
Abu Qarada disclosed that there were previous 54 trials to rehabilitate the civil service that were plagued with deficiencies which were to be attributed to lack of: political discipline, exact specification of problems and transparency.
The minister concluded his remarks by calling on the employees to change their behavior by abandoning negative values and to adopt positive ones, adding that they should also be involved in the decision making, stressing that if for the country was to be in an equal footing with the developed nations, production and productivity should be increased.
Also, addressing the workshop is Tabita Butrus, state minister at the ministry of the federal rule chamber, who called for tackling the problems of the civil service transparently and deeply, through distancing it from the ills of affiliations geographically and tribally, advising that, ‘the qualified person should be put in the appropriate place’.
The North state governor, Yasir Yousif, is also one of the speakers of the workshop, who said that the countries that surrounded them had developed because of the civil service, calling for the launch of war against bureaucracy which he considered as the biggest stumbling block to development.
He added that the public sector employees should bear in mind that they were mere servants to serve the public.

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